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B.E.E. Partners is on a mission to give teachers and school leaders the training and strategies they need to serve today's multilingual and mainstream learner. Our teacher training professionals have years of practical experience working in the education sector. Having both classroom/administrator experience and the pedagogy behind them, they are industry leaders.


We provide affordably-priced, stellar professional learning tailored to meet your needs, where and when you need it!

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Learning is Fun
Professional Learning for the Multilingual World of the 21st Century​
Virtual Team Meeting

B.E.E. PD Partners is a space that provides live and on-demand digital professional learning sessions to teachers from the comfort of their home or school.


Each online live/recorded course or POWER HOUR course is designed and delivered by high performing teachers and administrators and delivers a bit of pedagogy and lots of practical training. Our courses are based current research by leaders in the field of education. Whether your goal is to make it through the year, or grow in your career, we've got you covered! 

MENTOR MOMENTS (Coming 2023) are written by highly experienced instructional coaches, teacher leaders and administrators. They are designed to give you relevant, information in quick bites. It's stuff you wish you had a mentor to teach you. These fully digital mini-courses are delivered in 20 minute to 2 hour increments to make it easy to fit into your busy schedule. You decide when and where to learn at your own pace.

Distance Learning
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