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B.E.E. P.D. Partners

Take Control of Your Professional Development Today!

Who We Are

We're educators like you…we've been (or are in) the trenches in both mainstream, Gen.Ed students as well as Multilingual Learners. We have years of experience, not necessarily doctorate degrees, in our hands. We can tell you what works with real-life students, in real, live classes.


Just like you we've had the pleasure of attending "on the mark" professional learning sessions, and had the pain sitting in sessions designed for other teachers, students or times.  

 Why We're Here and What We Believe

B.E.E. PD Partners is here because we believe that no teacher should have to go it alone. Most of us learn best from presenters who are in, or have been in our shoes. We offer peer learning sessions--teachers teaching teachers, and administrators teaching administrators.

We're here to make it easy for you to learn what, where and when you want, in smaller bites, one hour at a time, from the comfort of your own home or classroom. We're here to give you CHOICE, as well as a VOICE, in your own professional development, providing affordable options that you don't need a purchase order for from your administrator. 


About Our Online
Learning Opportunities

Teaching is not static. No two students are alike and no two school years are the same. As time goes by, new challenges come your way. What worked last year, or last week or even yesterday, might not cut it today. Constant learning gives you the edge to get better and better at your craft, driving your career path and opportunities.

When you choose what you want to learn, and make a small investment in your professional development, you know you've done right by you and your students. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll below to take control of your professional development today!

Our PowerHour classes are designed to give you a strong dose of learning on the topic of your choice, for one riveting hour. You will learn from presenters who have years of experience in the content. They will give you a small bit of pedagogy, with lots of practical strategies for implementation.

Our PowerHour classes follow a simple structure–

1. Quick introduction and objective(s)

2. Riveting, relevant content

3. Info on where to learn more 

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